NFA Hacks

Uncle has several links to NFA hacks that sound very interesting. I say sound, because I haven’t looked at them yet. Since I don’t work in America anymore, and my glass barrier half-height cubicle (which I’ve nicknamed the fishbowl) is a tourist attraction for about 100 coworkers on their way to the only pot of coffee on this side of the building, I’m reluctant to look at gun p0rn on the work computer. I’ll have to check to see if it’s as cool as it sounds when I get back to America.

In other news, this week I don’t have to do all post aheads in the afternoon. Only about half my posts today are scheduled. Not much to do this week, unfortunately. I actually really hate being bored at work.

5 thoughts on “NFA Hacks”

  1. I’m guessing the original cruiser pistol grip would have made it shorter than 26″, right?

  2. Clayton,

    I believe Sebastian recently got a job in the Democratic People’s Republic of New Jersey. Not far in distance from Pennsylvania, but a world apart in culture.

  3. You’re using your head. I live in the Democratic People’s Dear Leader Playland Republic of NY and even TALKING about firearms can result in your job being made scarce and a visit from armed members of the state.

    True story.

  4. Just use your smartphone to surf the web all day long. It’s what I do every day instead of work :).

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