Find out who are the convicted felons in your neighborhood. I have no idea how accurate this data is, but I am not at all opposed to felony convictions being public record. I support efforts like this. The only thing that gives me pause is that many felonies shouldn’t be. But this site seems to show the charge, so I can decide whether or not I care whether my neighbor was convicted of importing lobsters in the wrong type of bag, or whether he molested ten year old girls in another state.

Apparently bogus.

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  1. Sorry man, you got punked. This site is full of bogus data that is different every time you run a search. PA does not keep track of offenders post conviction/probation parole period nor does it make public probation and parole databases.

    This site just tries to scare you into buying it’s reports.

  2. It’s too bad that this is a fake site. This would make a lot more sense than the searchable gun crimes database that was proposed last week.

  3. Even if it were good data, I don’t think it’d be good data. “Felony” really does not mean what it once meant and the public perception of the word hasn’t moved to match the reality. Not that long ago a felon was someone who had been convicted of a violent crime. Today the list of paper work errors that can make a person a felon is mind bogglingly large. Possessing a silencer, that’s a tube of metal designed to cut back on noise, without a tax stamp is (iirc) a -felony-. That’s only one example, the tax code is another branch of US law completely riddled with that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying “felon” is a “good guy” stamp. I just don’t think a list of felons would be all that useful.

  4. Mine shows a 20 year old sex offender living in Dunwoody retirement facility.
    Also shows someone at end of my street with no name match on the neighbors I know that live there.

    I am doubtful to the authenticity!

  5. This Felonspy website is somebody’s idea of a cruel joke.

    I do agree with what boydk425 said in #4 though. Today, there are just too many ways now that somebody can become a felon, and those ways are likely just going to increase even more with the statists in our local, state, and federal governments.

    Remember the “Green Police” TV commercial from the 2010 Superbowl? See it here:


    It’s just a commercial now, but it’s not going to be funny if and when people start losing their 2nd amendment rights because they still use incandescent light bulbs on their property, or they didn’t recycle something correctly.

  6. I’m also of the mindset: If someone is “safe enough” to let them out of prison, whether for parole, or because they have served their term, then they are safe enough to own a gun, or to live wherever they want, without being put on some sort of registry.

    I understand not wanting to employ someone at the register who was convicted of embezzlement, but that’s a private matter between employer and employee.

    If someone is too dangerous to own a gun, or is so dangerous that every neighbor needs to know what he did so that they could take special steps to protect themselves or their children, then that person should not be on the streets, period.

    So, if “FelonySpy” were real, I’d be opposed to it, as well. Just as I am opposed to the “softening” of what it means to be a felon!

  7. Along the same lines, but not felonies is the website. It may good for those who have little children at home or are planning to have children in the future, to see what kind of neighbors you may have.


    Pretty sure this one is legit.

  8. Well I guess that explains why it said two felons lived in the middle of the St Marys River.

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