I’m in meetings most of today, and I spent last night and this morning preparing for them.  I would ask Bitter to fill in for me with some content we found yesterday and this morning, but she’s busy dealing with the tree that the wind from last night’s storm brought down on to our neighbor’s garage.

Look for more later.

UPDATE from Bitter: Yeah, this is getting fun.  The wind keeps whipping up to some pretty high speeds, so I’m not confident that things won’t get worse.  Which kinda sucks since right now, the damage looks to be minimal (a fence is leaning).

Pics from my phone since it seems my camera is in Sebastian’s laptop bag which is with him at work.  Hopefully he’s had time to see them by now.

Some of the photos are taken through the screen and windows since it’s not exactly safe to go out there.  The tree split and one half went on to the neighbor’s garage about 10 minutes after I called the tree guy to come get it out.  We’re still trying to figure out what to do.

8 thoughts on “Busy”

  1. Fortunately, we now have the tree off of their garage. The damage is minimal – a slight hole in the vinyl, a couple of shingles that are torn – according to the guy who was on the roof. They were even able to repair most of the fence just by pushing it back up again. Now we just need to reattach one small section, and that doesn’t look like it’s going to be a big deal.

    The biggest problem we face now is the half that you can’t see as well in these pictures. In this front on picture, you can’t see it well, but the other half of the tree is leaning toward me. It’s being supported by the upper part of another tree. We apparently need a super-duper big crane to get it out, and that is on the way.

    I’m kind of avoid going out there because if that goes, there is a slight risk that it’s heavy enough to bring down one more tree with it.

    I think what’s most annoying is that these trees never should have been there. The neighbors whose house this one fell on are actually the ones who made leaving the trees up a stipulation of building the house 20+ years ago. In that regard, I think they should just be happy their house isn’t worse off and appreciate that we’re footing the bill to have the tree removed when, according to our insurance company, we could have left them with the bill because it was an act of nature.

  2. Woah. That sounds all manner of fun… A few houses in my town got smashed by trees this time around, but it was very valley-dependent. Sounds like you all might have gotten a worse time of it. Best of luck picking up the pieces.

  3. What to do?

    The obvious answer is cut the bastards down…”if it saves just one life”

    Plus it’ll make algore cry. :)

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