Taking His Gun Control Act on the Road

Bloomberg, Gun Control Tour 2011 is beginning:

Displaying a tally of the number of Americans killed with guns since January’s Tucson, Ariz., shootings, the “National Drive to Fix Gun Checks” truck will spend two months driving across at least 25 states, Bloomberg said. That includes stops to meet with local leaders, law-enforcement officials and victims of gun violence — the first in Newark on Wednesday afternoon at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, for an event hosted by Mayor Cory Booker.

This is one area local activists can really make a difference. Bloomberg needs to be relentlessly protested everywhere he stops. Do not let him own the field.

UPDATE: Commenters are pointing out there’s not exactly a clear schedule. This, of course, makes taking action difficult, which is why I would imagine they are making it up as they go.

16 thoughts on “Taking His Gun Control Act on the Road”

  1. I can’t see where they tell where they are going. All I can see is, “Current City, Newark, Next Stop, Reading, PA.” How can we plan reception committees without advanced knowledge of their itinerary?

    I’d be happy to welcome them to Raleigh.

  2. Newark? Aren’t the citizens of that fine city already protected by some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the nation?

  3. Yup, same here. Trying to find out exactly where they are going is not exactly that easy. Hmm, I guess you need to be a member of MAIG in order to access the ‘secret code’ which lets you see what the order of the cities are and where exactly they will be stopping in each city.

    This Blooma$$ is continuing to be a pain in the arse with this MAIG nonsense – but he has money to spare and is throwing it around the way he pleases. Probably looking to run for some political office when his not-soon-enough-term as mayor of NYC is up. Could it be under that lame
    “No-Labels” organization “asking” him to run under their banner. Boy, I wonder is a heavy contributor to
    “No-Labels”…could it be Blooma$$???

  4. I think I saw the truck in Plymouth Meeting this evening. It was one of the box trucks squeezed together to make a billboard out of the box, and had a counter under words to the effect “Americans Murdered by Guns Since Tuscon” on orange.

    It was headed toward PM Mall coming from Plymouth Road onto Germantown, like they were staying at one of the hotels there and off to the mall for dinner – no doubt to Whole Foods ;)

  5. It was at 5:45P (I work in Blue Bell and head home via 476 or the turnpike). Given the direction, I can’t imagine they were just passing through.

  6. “…occasional sellers” dealing at gun shows or other informal venues…”

    Selling a gun at your home by means of a classified ad is an “other informal venue”. Once they get this gun show restriction in place, they will go after all private sales, and then they go for registration of all firearms to prevent private sales that break the law by not going through a dealer.
    These people mean to ban all guns. That is their goal.

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