Good News for Illinois

Chicago has apparently been hemorrhaging population:

The U.S. Census Bureau reported Tuesday that during the decade ended in 2010, Chicago’s population fell 6.9% to 2,695,598 people, fewer than the 2.7 million reported back in 1920.

This will mean loss of representation for the city, which strengthens the pro-gun position in Illinois, and weakens the anti-gun position.

6 thoughts on “Good News for Illinois”

  1. You know why there’s fewer people in Chicago? Because thanks to their years of disarming the citizens, a lot of people got killed.

    Maybe I made that up, but it sounds plausible, and I’m happy to bash Chicago whenever I get the chance.

    I’m still undecided if Chicago-area drivers are the worst in the world or the best in the world. It either takes skill or stupidity to drive the way they do.

  2. Don’t get to excited, it somewhat looks like many of them just moved out into the Chicago Suburbs. If we use the Philly area as a model, we have seen areas like Darby, Upper Darby and other close surrounding areas of the city slowly slip away as gun friendly areas.
    If the article is right and some folks are remigrating the south, then we might be doing better. If these people are just getting out of the city, and moving 10 miles to the burbs, not so great!

  3. Don’t count on that – Speaker Madigan is from Chicago….The President of the Senate is from Chicago….Gov. Quinn is from a Crook county suburb…and Rahm Emanuel is all but crowned as the next mayor by now. Unfortunately, Chicago and Crook county will still dominate as these clowns will be in charge of redrawing the legislative map. Downstaters and those outside Crook County always get f’ed.

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