10 thoughts on “This Might Not End Well”

  1. Big effin’ deal… he failed to notify his betters that he was carrying a pistol while peacefully monitoring their activities.

    The cops should have just let it go right then and there, and nothing would become of it. Instead, they had to “keep it real” and begin a chain of events that will probably lead to somebody getting killed for no good reason.

    Let’s call it like it is…. the cops are just salty that they were being watched by a mere “civilian” and wanted to stick it up his ass any way they could.

  2. Um, no.

    He failed to obey the law. It’s a dumb law but the price of civil disobedience is getting charged with breaking it.

    He then pulled the “sovereign citizen” crap in court.

    What sympathy I had for this guy disappeared prior to this charge when he hit his girl.

    He makes the entire 2ATF group look bad.

  3. And what will anybody gain from enforcing stupid laws like these? Why the obsession with asserting authority when no good reason justifies it?

    These sovereign citizens are weird, to be sure. But ask yourself in this case: who is really the agressor here?

  4. Edit: I had no knowledge of him hitting his girlfriend, and just saw that in your post. In that case, he is the agressor and the state is justified in pursuing charges against him for assault.

  5. I believe the guy had pending felony charges for choking his girlfriend/wife. My favorite part is that he tried to serve the judge criminal papers for running an “illegal court”. The judge would have to appear before his “de jure” court.

    He really gives 2A activists a bad name.

    google his name, makes interesting reading.

  6. I find it amusing, though, that he refused to take off his hat. I remember reading about the debate over the Bill of Rights, and the right to wear your hat was discussed–and it was pointed out that people have been required to take off their hats.

    It was this type of debate that led to the 9th Amendment.

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