I Have Their Answer

The New York Times is wondering what the Administration is waiting for, in regards to gun control. They are waiting for you to go away, so they can get on with the 2012 election without pissing off yet another powerful interest group.

4 Responses to “I Have Their Answer”

  1. Wes says:

    As I thought, the thing they’re waiting on is “votes.” hahahahahaaha

    I’m done compromising. Bums get voted out. Stupid crap gets voted down. End of story.

  2. Carl from Chicago says:

    What I wonder is how long Obama and his advisors are going to “stay smart” on this issue?

    Surely not forever …

  3. mobo says:


    Obama is smart enough to wait for re-election. Even then, his hands are full with more pressing matters for the forseeable future.

    He might try to sneak in a few changes with regulatory agencies, but nothing is getting through Congress for a couple of years.

  4. Ian Argent says:

    I still don’t think the anti-gun policies are coming from the White House. There’s nothing new to them, in particular. They’re coming from the agencies themselves.

    And it’s not just the anti-gun policies. All the agencies are getting frisky without strong leadership from the White House; and making trouble, in the end, for Pres. Obama.