4 thoughts on “I Have Their Answer”

  1. As I thought, the thing they’re waiting on is “votes.” hahahahahaaha

    I’m done compromising. Bums get voted out. Stupid crap gets voted down. End of story.

  2. What I wonder is how long Obama and his advisors are going to “stay smart” on this issue?

    Surely not forever …

  3. Carl,

    Obama is smart enough to wait for re-election. Even then, his hands are full with more pressing matters for the forseeable future.

    He might try to sneak in a few changes with regulatory agencies, but nothing is getting through Congress for a couple of years.

  4. I still don’t think the anti-gun policies are coming from the White House. There’s nothing new to them, in particular. They’re coming from the agencies themselves.

    And it’s not just the anti-gun policies. All the agencies are getting frisky without strong leadership from the White House; and making trouble, in the end, for Pres. Obama.

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