8 thoughts on “Webb Out”

  1. Webb, who went out of his way to give Obama cover on the gun issue during 2008. Webb, who was happy to vote to confirm Sotomayor and Kagan, as Obama packs the court with anti-gun justices. Some pro-gun Senator Webb turned out to be.

    Good riddance!

  2. This Virginian won’t be opening the door for Allen, as a gun voter he is far to shaky of guns to be trusted. I haven’t forgotten that he said he would vote to reauthorized the AWB.

  3. The problem in VA is, with all the Tea Party flavored candidates that are going to jump in, and an almost certain primary to select the candidate (VA allows the party to choose primary, caucus, or convention — most of the time they choose primary, especially for statewide races, as the state pays the cost of running the polls, and there is no hint of “smoke filled rooms”), the strongly conservative vote will get split up, and Allen will walk into the nomination on the virtue of name recognition amongst everyone who is NOT an active TEa Partier or conservative political junkie.

    Of course, he has a prety good shot at winning the general.

    Cuccionelli could give a credible challenge to Allen, but only if the myriad of smaller, conservative candidates were to look at the numbers and throw support behind him in teh primary. If there is more than two credible candidates (10% or better support) in the primary, Allen will walk away with it.

    For those who dislike Allen, because he’s not a strident 2nd Amendment,keep in mind the most likely Democratic opponants:

    Terry McAuliffe
    Tim Kaine
    Jim Moran (possibly)

    NONE of those guys are even remotely “pro-2nd Amendment”.

  4. Webb is the Democratic equivalent of what John McCain is billed as. Without the patholigical need to get mike time as a media-lauded “moderate”.

    The problem is, Webb is about as firmly grounded in a philosophy as McCain, or Justice Kennedy,or the late Justice O’Connor — relative decent people who “go from the gut”. . . only they don’t realize that even their supposedly influence-free guts read mass media opinion polls. . .

    Webb is also loyal to that which he gives his allegiance to; which hasa lot to do why he resigned as SecNav rather than oversee the abandonment of the 600 ship fleet idea. He felt that in good conscience, he could not support it wholeheartedly, so the honorable thing to do was resign, rather than force himself to do that which he though was completely irrational and destructive to the Nation, or be the standard bearer for a policy he utterly disbelieved in.

    Obama (or his team) may well have used that loyalty to trigger Webb’s horrendous votes, possibly by casting it in terms of it being the only way to preserve enough of the political prestige of theh Administratioon to permit it to fight for national security policy in the war zones.

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