Still Winning Victories

Before our opponents get too fired up, thinking they are swinging back the pendulum, while they’ve been busy foaming at the mouth over Ted Nugent, NRA has managed to pass a bill through the House that would prevent EPA from touching traditional lead ammunition, would keep federal lands open to hunting and shooting, and would grandfather polar bear hides and other products from the importation restriction provided they were taken before the species was listed as “threatened.”

UPDATE: Already pissing off the right people.

One thought on “Still Winning Victories”

  1. Even if it passes the senate, which I doubt, it will either fail or it will just die as no one touches it obama will just wait until after his re-selection to veto it.

    You really think when obama becomes a lame duck he would sign such a thing. This is a man on the record saying gun ownership should be totally illegal.

    And for the president the media and powers that be have already decided obama will be re-elected. This election will proves to be a farce. It’s already tuirning into one with medai whoesale support of obama and unvirsal condemndation of anything and everything romney says or does.

    I never underestimate human gullibility or stupidity.

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