6 thoughts on “The Internets Have Run Out”

  1. Well, as one on the front lines on this don’t fear! I think there will be enough “double stacked” IPv4 and IPv6 devices along with NAT to get us through the painful conversion. I agree though that the dot decimal notation is hella easier to deal with than what’s coming!

  2. I fear it because I am on the front lines, though, my organization will probably keep using IPv4 internally for a while.

  3. I got lost after “Back in 1981, when the internet was little more than an experiment, Internet Protocol Version 4, or IPv4, ”
    Way too much geekeness for a Luddite like me :)

    Where did I put my quill?

  4. You mean, remember their IP address without looking at their mandatory tattoos ?

  5. To have Grandkids to tell, you realize you have to have kids first, right? Or mybe this is your way of announcing something??

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