Ed and Midge Split

Our former Governor is apparently separating from his wife of 40 years. Says the Daily News:

Their e-mail makes no mention of divorce or the cause for the split. But Rendell has long been the subject of speculation involving younger women, typically leggy blonds. Rendell most recently turned heads last May when he arrived at a typical Election Day lunch at the Famous 4th Street Deli with Dr. Kirstin Snow, a state employee and former Miss Pennsylvania.

As a woman accomplished in her own right (Midge Rendell is a Federal Judge), I think she’s probably better off without him.

4 thoughts on “Ed and Midge Split”

  1. She’s better off without him? We would all be better off without Ed Rendell. Good that he’s no longer governor, but he’s bound to get up to no good sooner or later. If I were Helmke, I’d be looking over my shoulder. A governor who was term limited out beats a mayor who lost re-election.

  2. Maybe now the Philly media will pull all of Ed’s skeletons out of his closet. Lots of them in there, and most are common knowledge to the newsies.

  3. I hope so. I will tell you, I don’t think in my life I’ve ever enjoyed writing “former Governor” as much as I did there.

  4. Although I shed no tears for Mr Rendell, I am always grieved when a married union breaks up. Our advocates in government don’t boast a much better track record (that S. Carolina gov). I wish it could be different, but wishing does no good.

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