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From Timothy Dolan, Chief of Police of Minneapolis Police Department:

Among the impediments are that we view gun ownership as an individual right and that gun violence has not yet become so unacceptable that we would impinge on those rights for the common good. In short, we accept a certain level of gun violence.

Yeah, I mean, heavens forbid we do something crazy like take the Bill of Rights seriously. To the Minneapolis Police Chief, the Bill of Rights is an inconvenience. What other amendments does the Chief think are “impediments?” How about the Fourth Amendment? Not being able to randomly search people for contraband certainly leads to a certain level of violence, wouldn’t you agree?

You’re damn right it’s an impediment. That’s the whole idea, jackass.

Hat tip to our favorite Brady Board member for the link, who laments that our goal is to dismantle gun laws. Why yes, it is. Because they are what you do instead of something.

4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. She’s just randomly making up claims again:

    “Most law enforcement offices carry 10 round magazines. ”

    Really? I would like to know where this information came from? ANd I bet that question won’t get approved or answered.

  2. Every fricking NYC cop carries either a 17 or a 15 round magazine in the gun, and more as spares, and you know damn well they have one up the spout. Every third PD in the country carries the same; either Austrian Tupperware or their competitors.

    I guarantee you that guy thinks the 4th amendment is an impediment too.

    I really am beginning to wonder if we should just abolish the professional PD, and replace them with government investigative services that have to get a posse together to arrest anyone…

  3. If that is truly his opinion then he has no business wearing a badge let alone being the Chief of Police.

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