Senate Letter to ATF

Looks like Ken is getting a lot of letters these days on Senate letterhead. This one is protesting the long gun reporting requirement the agency wishes to implement, and reminds them that they do not have the authority. The letter is signed by 17 Senators.

7 Responses to “Senate Letter to ATF”

  1. Ian Argent says:

    Unspoken undertext: “No money for you”

  2. rkh says:

    Rand Paul demonstrates, yet again, that he is the man.

  3. Carl from Chicago says:

    Only seventeen? ;-)

    I too was glad to see Rand Paul’s sig!

    Check out the full auto vid on his web page …

  4. Carl from Chicago says:

    Ian Argent Said (February 2nd, 2011 at 6:12 pm):
    Unspoken undertext: “No money for you”

    Yes … but the fact that they also addressed this to the Director of the Office of Management and Budget speaks volumes …

  5. Ian Argent says:

    Yeah – it means “Don’t you be hanging out with that crowd, too.” as well as re-inforcing the message to BATFE. Lets see how much gumption BATFE has.

  6. Sebastian says:

    Only nearly 1/5th the Sentate is pretty good on short notice, when there’s a health care bill trying to be repealed. Note most of these are old hacks. I’d expect to see Toomey on here if he was comfortable. If anything this makes you sense the value in “safe districts,” even if I, instinctually, hate the notion.

  7. Ian Argent says:

    Long-serving senators know where the bodies are buried… One of the reasons I’m not thrilled by term limits.


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