Busted For Nerf Gun

Joan Peterson wants to talk about bizarro world, where everyone worships guns, versus her world of bunnies, flowers, and kittens. I bring you the opposite extreme, which is the State of New Jersey, where having a nerf gun can bring the full force of the state down on your family. In a better world, this would result in parents being called and detention, maybe suspension, for poor behavior, at most. In Joan Peterson’s world, this is a matter for law enforcement and state prosecutors. Which world do you want to live in?

16 thoughts on “Busted For Nerf Gun”

  1. We have a choice in my state: “It’s NERF or nothing.”

    In NJ, I guess it’s just “nothing.”

  2. The Second Amendment doesn’t even apply to NERF guns in New Jersey. That’s sick. The left really hate, hate, hate private gun owners.
    7-year old charged by the police with a crime? For NERF possession? Depraved. The anti-American hatred that can rationalize that kind of child abuse is psychotic. Off the wall nuts. It’s not New Jersey, it’s East Germany.

  3. “Think of the children”

    I will! I’ll hit up Target today and buy two Nerf guns for my kids. They understand the difference between play and real, and also that if they bring them to school – the principal’s reaction will be the least of their worries.

  4. It’s stories like this that make it downright embarrassing to admit I live in NJ…

    ‘Zero-tolorance policies” is code for “zero thought policies”. By having these ridiculous policies in place, the administration doesn’t have to apply any rational thought or common sense to any situation. They simply point to the policy and say, “We can’t do anything, we have a zero-tolorance policy.” It’s shameful how these people run their schools.

  5. “Charged with the possession of a fake firearm”?

    How exactly is that a crime? There is no way one could mistake a nerf gun for a real one.

    This is taking hoplophobia to a whole new level.

    Do you think that this kid will ever look at his teachers or the police the same way ever again?

  6. I hate ZERO tolerance. Lawyers and insurance companies are the enemy here.

    Of course add in a Superintendent that agrees with it, and you have total idiocy run a muck!

  7. If my district attorney pulled this sort of stupidity, I’d be out protesting in front of the Lehigh County office. Obviously, more competent people are needed in the jurisdiction where this garbage took place. Maybe a budget cut, too, seeing as the DA apparently has time and man hours to waste on these specious charges.

  8. I wonder… if this kid moves to Philly as an adult and applies for a LTCF, will the PPD use this as an excuse to deny him a permit?

  9. Same thinking that nailed Brian Aitken. Elements in this state are so actively hostile to gun owners. At the same time they’ll bargain away the gun crimes of real criminals so they’ll plea out to other crimes; just to keep their conviction numbers up.

  10. The only purpose for aggressively enforcing irrational mandates, is to teach children to obey authority without question.

  11. He’ll also probably be a “prohibited person” in NJ when he grows up… Good reason for his parents to move…

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