Hutchinson’s Staffers Drop Ball

This takes the cake for form letters from Senators.   I guess this is why the federal government was supposed to be limited.  When you have 30 million constituents, how are you supposed to address all their individual grievances with government?   That’s why senators have staff to articulate their positions to constituents, and make sure the right information gets bubbled up to the decision makers.  Pretty clearly this got dropped into a bin for a form letter response, which is unacceptable.   If you get something like this, don’t be afraid to write your senators back and tell them you’re not happy with the response.

2 thoughts on “Hutchinson’s Staffers Drop Ball”

  1. Yep, pretty standard boilerplate. At least it’s on topic. Whenever I contact Durbin about firearms, I get a form letter back on a completely different subject.

  2. Same thing for me. Menendez and Lautenberg don’t care what thier peasants want, just as long as they are kept in office. Scumbags…

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