Most Annoying Toys Ever

Dr. Helen describes a gift she found online that may possibly be one of the worst gifts ever – for the child’s parents anyway.  Her response to the description?

How much must you hate the parents of the kid that you give this to? I can’t imagine how annoying and loud this thing must be. Nothing like a loud magaphone, flashing lights and a working fire hose to bring tranquility to the house.

She then asks her readers for stories about annoying gifts their kids have received and what ultimately happened to the items.

Not having any children, this isn’t something I’ve had to deal with.  However, Sebastian and I were quite concerned about it while shopping for his buddy’s son recently.  We tested any toy we considered throwing into the gift bag.

4 thoughts on “Most Annoying Toys Ever”

  1. The good thing is, any child young enough to get an annoying toy will usually have it broken within a week.

    Never, ever give a child something you’re not ready to see in pieces.

  2. My mother bought my cousin a drum set one year. I’m not sure what happened to it, but my aunt never quite forgave my mother for it, and jokes over the years have referred to, “drum presents” as any obnoxious gift.

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