Our Friends the Republicans, Part II

Looks like they are looking at regulating the Internets in a supremely stupid manner. The GOP really is just Statism Lite, except it is neither less filling, and it sure as hell doesn’t taste great.

UPDATE: Look who’s involved:

And the International Association of Chiefs of Police, which will be sending a representative to tomorrow’s hearing, previously adopted a resolution (PDF) calling for a “uniform data retention mandate” for “customer subscriber information and source and destination information.” The group said today in an e-mail exchange that it still supports that resolution.

Good to see they aren’t limiting themselves to defecating only on Second Amendment rights.

3 thoughts on “Our Friends the Republicans, Part II”

  1. I think that my cell phone carrier ought to be able to delete my call records by my request after I pay my bill.

  2. Something I know a little about. From a billing standpoint, they are held for longer. For one, billing disputes, even if you’ve paid the bill. It is not a surprise to get customers claiming no calls were made international, etc. Then you have to prove it, and more than a few find their phone systems are calling other countries in the middle of the night.

    Then carrier access billing comes into play, where phone companies pay each other to terminate calls. If you think the competition owes you more than has been paid, you have to prove it.

    I won’t get into the gov/LE portions. Subpoenas are supposed to be required, but the spineless antics of the major carriers under gov directions a few years back burns my buns.

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