Progressive Secularist

It’s really good that we have folks like Bill O’Reilly to sort everything out for us people who don’t think right. After all these years of reading Dave Kopel’s scholarship on the gun issue, I had no idea he was a “secular progressive”, until I heard O’Reilly unmask Dave on national TV. For those of you who didn’t hear the debate, here’s a paraphrased summary:

DK: You’re taking stuff out of contex,t Mr. O’Reilly
BO: We are not! Let’s roll this tape, that my producers have pulled out of context, that clearly shows I’m not taking anything out of context.
DK: Go read the entire transcript on the independence institute web site
BO: I don’t need to read the context, when we have these tapes, that take what they are saying out of context! Roll it!
TAPE: blah blah blah… some psychologists use ecstasy … blah blah blah.
BO: Are you defending that? Any good parent would see this panel was out to turn their kids into communists who love drugs and gay sex. You’re not a bad parent, are you Dave?
DK: I prefer to talk to my children about things they hear.
BO: You’re out of touch with America.
DK: But…
BO: Secular progressive! You’re s secular progressive!
DK: You don’t know anything about me.
BO: Shut up you secular progressive!

I don’t know what scares me more, that fact that Bill O’Reilly actually has a prime time show, or the fact that people actually seem to take this guy seriously. To me, his show is just more proof that the main-stream media is a cesspool of ideas.

The O’Reilly Factor is the only show on TV that when someone tells me to watch it because someone is going to be on it that I might want to see, makes me feel like drawing my pistol, and putting a bullet in my television.   I can’t stand 10 minutes of that guy!