Constitutional Carry Passes Senate in Wyoming

I was worried the Arizona shooting would get in the way of spreading Constitutional Carry to other states. Perhaps that was premature. The Senate has been the stumbling block for this legislation in the past. Here’s hoping it gets through the House, the Governor, and we can turn 3 states into 4 states.

12 thoughts on “Constitutional Carry Passes Senate in Wyoming”

  1. WyGo (Wyoming Gun Owners) deserves tons of credit. Without that organization and those backing it, this would not have been possible.

  2. What works in Cheyenne certainly won’t work in Chicago! ;-)

    Great to hear this. My point being that WY is low-hanging fruit (but the fruit’s still damned good). There is a constitutional carry bill in the KY house and senate, too, but so far it’s not moved.

  3. This will snowball, just like ‘shall issue’ has. We didn’t have the political environment to get ConCar into a bill this time around in Florida, so we’re pushing for Open Carry and adding teeth to preemption.

    Baby steps, and hopefully as more states start to adopt ConCar, it will be even easier for others to justify it.

  4. I should note that it’s going to be very difficult to get Constitutional Carry in a lot of states. Mine is one of them.

  5. 15 years ago, I’m willing to bet many people were saying the same thing about getting ‘Shall Issue’ passed.

    Difficult? Yes. Sadly, it’s easier to just let rights disappear than it is to fight for them. But you know as well as I do (heck, probably even better since you’ve been working behind the scenes longer than I have) that determination + being right can make things happen.

    I’m not saying that 4 states will have ConCar and then we’ll see 40 others adopt it overnight, but I hope my kids will look back on it like we look back on concealed permits and wonder what the big deal was.

  6. I would like to amend my comment – I don’t just hope my kids look back and wonder what the big fuss was, I’m actively trying to ensure that’s the case.

  7. Go Wyoming! Next up, Wisconsin! You can already constitutionally open carry there, so we’ll see.

  8. If WI leaves IL as “and then there was one” for no form of licensed carry; that’ll be the swan tuning up for Gun Control

  9. There have been two articles and one letter to the editor in the state paper (Casper Star-Tribune) since this broke last week. The comments are amusing, to say the least. And predictably, they broke down into an argument about magazine capacity, need for such, and the usual arguments about shootouts over spilled beer. Some of them would actually be comical if they weren’t so blatantly ignorant and the discussion were about something less serious.

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