Drink Up

While gun owners may be wondering if there will be cause to drink tonight with any calls for gun control in the State of the Union, I figured this would be the opportune time to link the State of the Union Drinking Game.  They say that if all goes well, you’ll be unconscious before the Republican response.

2 thoughts on “Drink Up”

  1. i think most of us will be sober by the end of the night if we played this game. Obama will probably mention gun control once, but probably nothing specific or that is contraversial- such as “we need to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people”. I can’t see him going out on a limb and whole-heartingly esspousing his support for mccarthy’s bill. He is not politically stupid and probably sees that it has a very very very long shot of passing.

    Also mentioning an issue at the state of the union doesnt increase your chance of passing said legislation if your opposing party controls one of the chambers. Using the bully pulpit is designed to “whip” your party into line to help push through legislation- this doesnt work on your opposing party. In fact the opposite can occur- especially since the republicans ran on an “anti-obama agenda” platform. This will just embolden them to withstand the push for gun control. Plus this also would give john boehner a push to make the republicans look more mature than the democrats- all boehner has to do is come out and say “well we think its more important to get americans back to work than worry about taking away peoples guns”. The economy is the more pressing issue- gun control isnt

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