At The End of the Day

The Banquet is over.   I’ve gotten to meet several more gun bloggers today.   Michael Bane, and Yosemite Sam and Denise of The Ten Ring.  The weather is cold here in St. Louis, but we listened to some of Dave Hardy’s stories out in front of the Renaissance.   Once Dave decided to retire for the night, we went back inside and sat down with Dave Kopel and Stephen Halbrook.

It’s very cool for me to finally meet in person, people who’s papers, articles and academic research, I’ve read or seen cited for years.  I think it’s a great thing about blogging that it makes possible this kind of dialog.  But one thing is, you’ll never get to know half as many people as you’d like through blogging, and you’ll never get to know that half, half as well as you would like.  I still have more NRA convention blogging to come, including my impressions of Ambassador John Bolton’s keynote at the members meeting, plus a few pictures from the floor.

Stay tuned.