2 thoughts on “Protecting America …”

  1. I know I feel safer at night, protected from the horrors of plastic toys in chocolate. How did generations of children ever survive without our Federal overlords?

  2. Kinder chocolate’s delicious. the toys come enclosed in little plastic eggs of their own — reasonably sturdy ones, not likely to crack open easily or without the eater noticing — which i suppose might be possible to choke on, but they’re also large enough they won’t lodge deeply in even an adult throat. the heimlich maneuver shouldn’t be necessary, a simple cough should dislodge the thing easily even if somebody deliberately tries to choke on it.

    and it pretty much would have to be deliberate. only a ravenous dog would miss the thing; children look forward to opening the toy-egg to play with its contents. not knowing it’s in there is culturally impossible, for kids brought up in Europe at least, and presumably Canadian ones as well.

    yeah, the actual toy you’d find inside that egg-shaped yellow plastic container might have bits a small child could choke on. you’re not supposed to let kids that small have the toys, or the eggs; this isn’t a toddler treat.

    these things’ve been sold by the millions for over thirty years, and haven’t been any plague on the firstborn of Europe in that time. you’d think if they were a serious risk that people would have noticed by now — hasn’t happened.

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