2 thoughts on “Bob Brady’s Free Speech Killing Bill”

  1. While I agree with the analysis, in the end it doesn’t matter. The science fiction author Alice Sheldon once said that a good way to analyze events is to talk about not what *should* happen, but what *will* happen. And what *will* happen is that the public will believe the media hatefest and join in the pogrom against Tea Partiers and gun owners. One clip of Bill Maher saying that it’s okay to persecute us because we have small dicks, and all our gains of the past decade will be undone. We will be back to the Stalinist days of the 1990s–except this time there will be no happy ending, ever again.

  2. Ken – give Americans more credit than that. This bill will go nowhere.

    As a poster I read put it, we have more to fear from the Bob Brady’s of the world than we do the pistol-wielding nuts. And most Americans, even if they don’t understand the ins and outs of 1st Am. law, understand that.

    We are an incredibly tolerant bunch.

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