Defense Authorization Act

A while ago, someone at NRA e-mailed me talking about how they managed to get some pro-gun language inserted into the Defense Authorization Act, mostly under the radar. Sadly, before I could report on it, the Arizona mass shooting happened, and there wasn’t much room to squeeze it in. Chris in Alaska found the easter egg. Basically it prohibits the military from enacting their own gun control for military personnel while off property controlled by the Department of Defense. The National Defense Authorization was passed in lame duck, and signed by the President.

One thought on “Defense Authorization Act”

  1. As I said on my own blog and in comments @ SayUncle, this is an issue that goes back to (at least) the early days of my Army career, with generals and wannabes trying to ban carry or demand an inventory of soldier-owned guns, even those held off-post.
    Admonitions against issuing orders you can’t enforce and know will be disobeyed apply.

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