It’s Time to Vote Again

I’m pretty sure I started measuring years by Election Day instead of New Year’s Day shortly after college. That said, there are local and county offices up for grabs in Pennsylvania, and today is the deadline to get your registration updated. Remember that it’s not just about first time registrations. If you have moved, or if you want to change your party affiliation, it’s the same process to get yourself up-to-date.

That said, I wondered what kind of crap would turn up if I typed “vote” into Amazon.

  • It turns out that books against the electoral college are pretty popular. Might I suggest one from a former professor with whom I regularly butted heads on issues like campaign finance reform, our systems of elections, and just about every other matter of public policy? I’m tempted to pull out some of my books on the subject to refresh myself on the topic since Pennsylvania is looking to re-work the system.
  • Vote Democrat chocolate molds are available. Hmm, I wonder how many votes you can buy with chocolate? If it’s a lot, then maybe I could make a version for “Vote Pro-Gun!” It’s probably not as cheap as a mailing for a candidate, but if it’s more effective, then who am I to argue?
  • While they are cute, I don’t think you’d have as much luck winning votes with the Vote Republican cuff links.
  • A Vote for Murder – Previously the name of a Murder, She Wrote book, now an ATF operation.
  • An 11-year-old dated election decor set still priced at over $10 is available for all of you looking to relive the great Bush v. Gore days. Hell, if I were trying to market this, I’d reach out to history & civics teachers for their year 2000 lesson plans. Somewhere around here, I have a signed thank you card from Katherine Harris. I don’t think I’ll ever cease to be amused by it.
  • To finish on this theme of corrupting America’s youth with the sins and crime of politics, you can’t possibly skip out on the Hail to the Chimp party video game. If you want to abuse your children with a lesson on how to win the Electoral College, it looks like this game could be used to fit the bill.

I don’t know if there will be a day when I’m not amused by the randomness of what you can find on Amazon or any of the big online retailers. Who knew these things existed?

5 thoughts on “It’s Time to Vote Again”

  1. Traditionally this is the lowest general election turnout in PA. Fewer than 20% of registered voters will show up to vote.

  2. It’s not surprising. No one feels like they know any of the candidates.

    I can say that the state Democrats are putting some real money in mailers for the Bucks County candidates. They want to turn this county blue. We’ve gotten several attack pieces from state groups in the last couple of weeks.

    I’ll try to look up the candidates as we get closer to November, but I hate admitting that any choices we make may not be hugely informed.

  3. Feel lucky, most of the races in Berks county are uncontested or being contested by candidates who have not raised any money or have not actively been campaigning.

  4. I’ve heard of states in which party-preference determines which primary you can vote in.

    My state (Michigan) allows voters to choose which primary they vote in on primary day, but relatives in Ohio tell me that they’ve been limited by this. What are the rules in PA?

  5. Primaries in PA are party only elections or closed primaries, they are not open to independents or cross party voting. Your party affiliation determines which ballot you see on primary day. The up coming Nov election is the general election. This is open so any registered voter can vote for any candidate and the winner takes the office.

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