Magazine Change

Joe shows that it can be done quite quickly:

I am not as quick or trained as Joe, but probably not slow enough to matter. Remember, in mass shootings, there’s been plenty of cases where the shooters have reloaded multiple times. In this case, people who understood guns, and knew to take advantage of a botched reload, were around to stop the guy. We were lucky.

One thought on “Magazine Change”

  1. This video would have made more of an impact in favor of your claimed (and true, by the way) statement of an under or average 2 second reload time, had the actual reload been shown. Instead, your hands and gun merely drop out of camera and come back up. Edit points also make this look suspect. I would suggest redoing this video with someone else filming you from an angle to clearly show a full magazine being used and ejected, and a fresh one removed from your belt or wherever, and loaded.

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