PGC Looking to Reopen Ranges

According to the Times-Leader, the public range at State Game Lands 91 will be rebuilt and reopened in October.  My county’s range was closed in 2005 as well, and I do hope it can reopen at some point.  The closure of that range was my primary impitus for joining a club.  Even if they reopen the range, I probably won’t shoot there much, but public ranges are important for hunters, casual shooters, and new shooters.

Looks like PGC is going all out on this one, with a covered firing line, baffles, an improved back stop, and a management program to prevent lead contamination.

2 thoughts on “PGC Looking to Reopen Ranges”

  1. Great to see them taking the initiative on this. [Re]opened ranges can only be a good thing. You are correct that game commission ranges are important mostly for hunters though. I’ve shot numerous times at the Scotia Range in central PA. It’s a fine facility, but it is definitely geared towards hunters with posted rules for a 3 round (in the gun) limit on the rifle range, and a six round limit on the pistol range. You definitely get the ‘ol stink eye if you show up with an AR – 5 round target mag or not.
    That said, the range officers are pretty forgiving as long as you behave yourself and they get a chance to size you up. After asking beforehand, the range officer gave me the go ahead to shoot my Garand with 8 rounds because I forgot to bring my S.L.E.D.

  2. Ours is closed for lead reclamation. The most active PAFOA thread for the county is the range, and when it will re-open. Nobody seems to know.

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