It’s Heller‘s Fault!

So says Josh Horwitz, for the Coalition to Stop Gun Ownership:

This embrace of political violence has been part of far right wing ideology for decades, but was tamped down after the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. It began to reemerge in 2008 with the Supreme Court’s landmark Second Amendment decision in D.C. v. Heller. In that 5-4 ruling, Justice Scalia overturned 200+ years of jurisprudence and parroted the National Rifle Association’s radical view of the Second Amendment, writing, “If… the Second Amendment right is no more than the right to keep and use weapons as a member of an organized militia… if, that is, the organized militia is the sole institutional beneficiary of the Second Amendment’s guarantee — it does not assure the existence of a ‘citizens’ militia’ as a safeguard against tyranny.”

This radical idea — which completely ignores our Founders’ tough response to armed insurrectionists during Shays’ Rebellion and the Whiskey Rebellion — flowered even further after the election of our first African American president in November 2008.

It was Heller, obviously, that motivated we violent, racist gun owners. It amazes me how little they realize how deeply insulting this stuff is to a large segment of American society. And they wonder why they have no relevance in the debate. But as they say, never interrupt your enemy when they are in the process of making a mistake. Ooops, did I say enemy? I guess even I can’t help the eliminationist rhetoric can I?

7 thoughts on “It’s Heller‘s Fault!”

  1. My head hurts trying to read all that sludge over at Huff Blo. It feels like the day after Halloween, when I’ve been up all night eating chocolates, but the sick isn’t in my stomach, it’s in my head.


  2. It is my sincere hope that Gabby has a full, painfree and complete recovery. I also hope she returns and tells all the critics that she still supports the 2nd amendment. That will truly take the wind out of their sails,
    The little girl who innocently died? Her father went out of his way to announce he is not looking for any changes to laws.
    My heart goes out to his incredible loss. He was crying, I was crying. 9 years old. Just a baby!

    God bless all the victims and wounded!

    I pray that God remembers also those that take advantage of this tragedy!

  3. The political spectrum is actually a globe. If one’s thoughts drift far enough left, they’ve come around to the far right (and vice versa).

    Totalitarianism on both sides of the middle, with “here be monsters” clearly inscribed.

  4. Hmmm, no federal gun control legislation or massive musket buy-backs after Shays’ or the Whiskey Rebellion? Wouldn’t that be the most logical response if the RKBA was never an individual right?

    Why it’s almost like he’s lying through his teeth!

  5. Having had a head injury, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

    That said; you have a right to keep and bear arms. Do you have a right to overthrow the government with them? Well, if you win, you did.

  6. Josh Horwitz is wrong. Heller upheld at least 500 years of jurisprudence that late 20th century courts had abandoned.

    Citizen militias helped put down those rebellions; and the States involved (wasn’t Pennsylvania one of them?) asked for Federal assistance.

    And Billll, the Declaration of Independence recognizes the right of any victims of tyranny to overthrow their government regardless of the odds of success – which weren’t very good for our Founders until after the French gave us a hand three years into it.


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