Blood Dancing Summary

Glenn Reynolds has a nice roundup.

UPDATE: More from the Washington Post. I would bet money the shooter was eligible to buy a firearm in all fifty states. I don’t think James Grimaldi or Sari Horwitz has any shame at all. I’ve never bought a copy of the Washington Post. Nor will I ever. I hope everyone else cancels their subscription. Let them flush into the sewer of history where they belong.

5 Responses to “Blood Dancing Summary”

  1. MJM says:

    Sebastian, where did you come up with the image of “blood dancing?” It certainly works, describing the disgusting mainstream media accusatory frenzy we have watched unfold.

  2. Sebastian says:

    I’m not the originator of it. I don’t know who is, actually.

  3. Tam says:

    You don’t think he perjured himself on question 11.e?

  4. Sebastian says:

    I probably should have been more clear… he would have passed a background check in all 50 states…. in other words, given his willingness to perjure himself, there was probably no other state’s laws that would have turned him down for the purchase.

  5. Brad says:


    I had a vague recollection the term ‘blood dancing’ originated with Neal Knox. I’m not the only one…

    But the term goes back many years.