Challengers Lining up for Murphy

Looks like we have another one. Jim Geraghty likes his resume. I agree, he looks like a good candidate. He can neutralize some of Murphy’s strengths. I have no idea where any of the candidates stand on the Second Amendment yet, but once the serious candidates get separated from the non-serious ones, it’ll be something to look at. It’s not going to help much to replace Murphy with a Republican like Jim Greenwood, who represented this district before, but was no friend of gun owners.

This big question in 2010 will be whether the GOP will be willing to spend any real money in the 8th. They have fights in the 6th and 7th congressional districts, which are open seats, and will no doubt be targeting Kanjorski, Holden, Carney, Altmire, and Dalkemper as well. That’s a lot of races, and Murphy is sitting on a ton of cash. But cash doesn’t mean squat if the Dems don’t turn out next November. I think the GOP still stands a good chance.