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6 Animals Humans Made Way Scarier. Number five is cougars:

According to some researchers, mankind’s cessation of anti-cougar activities has caused the cats to lose their fear of humanity. And really, we shouldn’t need researchers to tell us that, if we don’t show large predators we pose at least some kind of threat, they’re going to learn to think of us as soft, pink, vertical burritos ripe for the snacking.

They lament the difficulty of dealing with this problem, noting that “Unfortunately, the solution to this problem is far from simple, since ‘Shoot more cats, and when you do, by god, aim for the kittens!’ is not exactly a catchy rallying cry.” I beg to differ!

5 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom from Cracked.com”

  1. “Cute as a button” is an effective defense against humans, it seems.

    Advice to potential competitors/predators/prey on humanity – this is important! – you’d better make sure your evolution selects for it, or else!

  2. There’s a similarity between human predators and cougars, then… When I was on crutches, I felt a whole lot less threatening than I normally was, which I could tell attracted some attention. Seems I still looked scary enough to be left alone, but it spurred me to renew my CCW after it had lapsed for several years due to lack of carry. The increased awareness has led to me carrying every day, so I guess that was one good thing to come out of the accident.

  3. In theory, eliminating a few cougars should help a lot. The first cougars to be culled will be the boldest, most aggressive ones.

    However… I’m not as familiar with big cats, but as I recall, the older dominant ones push juveniles out into new territory (i.e. suburbia). So it may not be that the boldest, most aggressive ones are attacking people; it could just be that the population has grown to the point where there’s no other territory left. So reducing population in general should also be effective, but unless you’re willing to use poison and traps I think that finding the older, larger cats will be very hard.

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