Guns Captured off Drug Cartels

We’re more familiar with the fight in Mexico, but the same fight is also happening in Brazil. The Firearms Blog has pictures of some of the captured weapons, which no doubt came from US gun shows. It couldn’t be all this was obtained on the international black market. No way. They are drug cartels! What do they know about trafficking in contraband?

10 thoughts on “Guns Captured off Drug Cartels”

  1. Too many American guns flow into the criminal world. This should be stopped. That’s the point which all your sarcastic mockery cannot mask.

    If you’re a lawful gun owner, you should be the first one to demand this. Your only reason not to do so is your adamant refusal to be inconvenienced.

    Henceforth I shall call this “Criminal Selfishness,” and it will be a disqualifier to gun ownership.

  2. Uh, two things there mikey:

    First, the type of guns used by the cartels are, for the most part, either illegal to own or are already severely restricted in the United States. You can’t waltz down to the nearest gun store and buy yourself a grenade launcher, or a full auto M240. They get those weapons from two sources: the international black market* and from military deserters who steal their weapons and bring them with them when they are recruited by the cartel.

    Second: luckily, you have no ability to determine what is or what is not a disqualifier for gun purchases. Not being a US citizen, you don’t even get a vote. So buzz off.

    *And the international black market tends to get their guns from corrupt militaries who sell their hardware off for cash. So really, if you want to stop gun flow to the cartels, you should be asking for military disarmament.

  3. Robert, I’m afraid you’ll be one of the first ones to fall under the new guidelines.

    You should get a sense of humor, man.

    And you don’t know the first thing about me, the least of which is my citizenship and what I get to vote on and hold opinions on..

  4. Just a Brief correction Robert. Mr. Bonomo has no ability to determine what is or isn’t a disqualifier because he is a friendless internet troll with no support.

    And that is all.

    And sorry for feeding the troll, but the important part of this debate is that we’re on the correct side of history and gaining support, while they cling to easily disproved lies, and internet trolling.

  5. I noticed on one picture of an AR style rifle that the selector had a raised shelf opposite the full-auto position. This leads me to believe that the lower receiver is full-auto, which could not have come from any American gun store or gun show.

    I don’t have my AR handy, but i’m fairly certain that mine has only a single selector stop machined into the lower.

  6. MikeB302000,

    Too many American guns flow into the criminal world.

    Is this the voice of experience talking?
    You’ve never detailed what became of your legally owned firearms when you moved to Italy.

    You do live in Italy, don’t you?
    Or did you take them with you and obtain an Italian gun license?

  7. Mobo –

    There are semiauto ARs that have the selector stop machined in (or out, or however you want to describe it), and plenty that come with the safe/semi/auto markings or some variation thereof. The real tell of an actual M16/M4 lower receiver is whether there is an autosear pin hole above the selector. When you know what to look for it jumps out as soon as you look at a lower.

  8. Bob S., The other day Sebastian said he’d scream if you mentioned that again. Even your own side find you tedious.

    Weer’d, that was really impressive the way you casually dropped my name. The topic of my comment, which you didn’t address, was “criminal selfishness,” which you know a lot about. The joke part was that it should be a disqualifier, but the accusation was very serious.

  9. Mikeb302000,

    Obviously in addition to your many other failings, you can not comprehend what you read.

    You’ve never detailed what became of your legally owned firearms when you moved to Italy.

    Now exactly what in there would make Sebastian scream?

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