Bryan Miller’s New Project

Bryan Miller is speaking in a different language these days, trying to get churches involved in his lost cause of gun control:

Heeding God’s Call is adding a different religious voice to the national gun-control debate, which members say has been dominated for too long by conservative Christians opposed to firearms regulation.

The group has partnered with more than three dozen Philadelphia-area congregations — including Jews, Muslims, Quakers, Catholics and Protestants — to work against gun violence.

“Every faith tradition calls on its followers to be their brother’s keeper,” said organization co-founder Bryan Miller.

As comical as it might seem, Bryan is no doubt well aware that the lack of grass roots in the gun control movement is, at this point, limiting their ability to accomplish anything.  To his credit, he’s trying to do something about that, and churches could very well prove to be fertile recruiting grounds.  No doubt many religious folks know better than this, but all he needs is a handful, and there’s no motivator more powerful than being on a mission from God.

Those of us who can speak to religious people, in their own language, need to work to counter this, especially if Miller’s philosophy starts making its way into your own church.

16 thoughts on “Bryan Miller’s New Project”

  1. Considering how much other leftist nonsense is preached in “mainstream” Christian churches, I’m afraid this could take root.

  2. I love how minister compares himself to Jesus, pretending that protesting for attention during a press conference is just like what Jesus did.

  3. Contrary to what a lot of people think, pacifism has never been a dominant force in Christianity. And what gun control groups peddle isn’t even pacifism. A real pacifist wouldn’t use force against someone forcing entry into their home; nor would he call the police to come and use force on his behalf. Having the police do the violence on your behalf may keep your hands clean, but it is morally inferior to defending yourself.

  4. Yeah, The Brady Bunch tried it last year but it fell apart pretty quickly. Their blog hasn’t been updated in nearly a year and the homepage hasn’t seen anything in quite a while either.

    Since Bryan IS CFNJ, he can spend more time walking around talking to people directly.

  5. Heeding God’s Call? That’s hilarious!

    I’ve insulted the gun-control movement for some time now by calling them crusaders and zealots, but now it’s literally true? Hmm… I guess according to those crackpots God agrees with Rosie O’Donnel who said, “I honestly think-and I am not an expert on the amendments-I think the only people in this nation who should be allowed to own guns are police officers. I don’t care if you want to hunt, I don’t care if you think it’s your right. I say, “Sorry. It is 1999, we have had enough as a nation. You are not allowed to own a gun and if you do own a gun, I think you should go to prison.”

    So God want’s me in prison? They say God want’s me to disarm? My response to those crackpots is “Come and get it.”

  6. I’ve noticed recently that removed Cryan’s blog from their NJVoices page… Does this mean that is becoming a conservative voice? Sadly, no. Scott Bach’s blog was also removed. It would appear that if you haven’t posted anything in over 6 months, is tired of wasting the server space.

  7. They haven’t removed the blogs, they are still there. And Scott has posted recently – he did a post about the changing opinions on gun control in connection to the NRA Annual Meeting. I suspect they removed them both from the shortcut listing for lack of regular posting , but Scott’s last post was actually featured on the NJ Voices front page. If you’re looking to follow it, I suggest subscribing to the RSS feed.

  8. Good luck at my church. We have a quarterly wild game dinner with door prizes ranging from a 12 gauge shotgun to airsofts for the kids. I dont think he will be a guest speaker anytime soon.

  9. Actually, Jesus told his disciples to be armed….

    Luke 22:36 (New International Version)

    He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.

  10. I’ll stack the depth of my faith and knowledge of Christian theology up against anyone this side of A.W. Tozer.

    I’ve already written about pacifism v. preparedness when it comes to the military, (, maybe it’s time to update that post when it comes to this bladerdash.

    Yes, as Christians, our first order of duty is to respond to the world as Christ did, with love and compassion and healing. But I am also called to serve as the spiritual leader of my family, and I cannot lead my family from the grave.

    More to come once I get my coffee in me. :)

  11. …said that while national governing bodies of many denominations have issued statements against gun violence and perhaps lobbied in Washington, the activism hasn’t really filtered down to the sanctuaries.

    Yeah, that’s because at the man/woman-in-the-pew level, lots of folks strongly disagree with what the idiots/apparatchiks that run the denomination are doing. For an example from another realm, look at how the Episcopal church is about to fall apart.

  12. “True pacifism is the finest form of manliness. But if a man comes up to you and cuts your hand off, you don’t just offer him the other one. Not if you want to go on playing the piano, you don’t.”

    -Sam Peckinpah

  13. BigJim beat me to it: Jesus was the guy who said to sell your clothes if you had to, go naked if necessary, but arm yourselves. I don’t see this working with many of the Christians I know.

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