I Guess Gun Deaths Are a Laughing Matter

At least they would seem to be if you’re the Brady Center. See, the Brady folks have posted their videos of a Very Brady Gala in Los Angeles earlier last month, and it’s quite telling how they think of people who choose to exercise their Constitutional right to bear arms:

If you watch it, you’ll notice some choice quotes from TV director, producer, and otherwise vile human being, Steven Levitan. If Levitan even showed up at the station to board the “class” train, it had left long before he got there. First up is Levitan making fun of accidental shootings.

“In my quest for an entertaining speech, no small task given the seriousness of the subject matter, I did a Google search for the following phrase: ‘Man Accidentally Shoots Himself'”

So are people shooting themselves tragedies, or the butt of Brady Center jokes? Make up your mind. I guess they are tragedies when they happen to people who aren’t gun owners, eh? That must be why Levitan, after getting the crowd laughing at various stories of gun owners shooting themselves,

“Sort of funny, but of course not funny at all when these same idiots shoot someone else, except of course, when it was Dick Cheney, that was pretty funny.”

I’m sure the incident with Cheney wasn’t all that funny to Harry Whittington. But hey, Harry had a gun so he got what he deserved right?

“Unlike the gun enthusiasts, who’s simplistic slogans make for great bumper stickers, our arguments are complex.”

Gun control activists are, of course, sophisticated, with complex arguments,  while we dumb redneck gun owners can’t manage more than a poorly crafted catchword? If there were a hall of fame for people with a smug sense of self-satisfaction, and over inflated estimates of their own intelligence and sophistication, this guy would be Joe DiMaggio.

“”They’ve gotten so stuck on ideology, and so powerful, and lawmakers have become so intimidated, that we’re fast losing the ability to have a sane and rational fact based debate about how to protect the ones we love. So I thank the Brady Center, in standing up for sane gun laws. They’ve made themselves the target of an entire movement, and a target is not something you want to be around those people.”

Because people who’s support and defend the Second Amendment clearly are just itching to shoot people who don’t believe, or don’t want to believe in the right. Levitan might want to reconsider his statement about a rational fact based debate about how to protect the ones we love,” because it’s pretty clear to me which side’s opinions are based on rationality and fact, and it’s not his.

Steven Levitan isn’t just some random Hollywood director and producer that just happen to get put on the speaking list by the Brady Center. He was there to get an award. Maybe the Brady Center couldn’t exercise that much control over the jokes Levitan made on stage, but they sure as heck can control their awards and the material they promote. But what do you expect from an organization that resorts to attacking the defendant in a civil rights case because they failed to make reasonable arguments against it?

17 thoughts on “I Guess Gun Deaths Are a Laughing Matter”

  1. It sounds like all two people in attendance are really laughing and enjoying themselves. It’d be kinda funny if it wasn’t so darn sad.

  2. As an insane simpleton, I do wonder why his prestigeous school panicked at the sight of an imaginary gun. I guess they are so much smarter than me.

  3. I think there is a fundamental misunderstanding between our two sides. Brady Center seems to think debate means making sanctimonious pronouncements and dismissing all opposition as evil. While the pro-gun side thinks that word means responding to the points brought up by the other side as well as specifically addressing their responses, which the Brady Center seems to think is the definition of insanity. Though to be fair they also think insanity includes civil rights, consensus, and falsifiability.

  4. This clown and his ilk are loosing the battle for firearm freedom. Respect for our God given, constitutionally protected right to bear arms is growing and as long as we keep up the fight our freedom will continue to grow. They are loosing. They know they are loosing. Let them enjoy this joker as they don’t have any victories to celebrate. Plus it clearly demonstrates their simple minded desire to control our lives.

  5. I’d like to see a Brady argument that’s more complex than John Lott’s comprehensive “More Guns, Less Crime” study, or even Jeff Snyder’s “A Nation of Cowards” natural-rights argument that carrying a pistol is a moral duty.

    It seems to me that the most sophisticated arguments from the Brady side are “Guns are dangerous, let’s ban them!” and “I lost a relative to someone with a gun, let’s ban them (the guns, not the relatives)!”

    Ironically, there are those on our side who say “I lost a relative to someone with a gun, so let’s legalize guns!” — which is a sentiment I completely agree with.

    Well, ok, I’ll concede this: the “collective rights” view of the Second Amendment is pretty sophisticated, but it requires too much mental acrobatics; it shies away from too many things (such as State Constitution equivalents, and various quotes from the Founding Fathers); and it’s too closely aligned to the Soviet Union’s argument, and practice, of the First Amendment as collective right, for my taste.

    But then, I’m just an uneducated doctoral mathematician. What would I know about complicated arguments?

  6. I just Google searched for “Woman raped”. Of the almost 8 million results, I found none to be funny. I guess I don’t have the correct sense of humor to win an award from the Brady Center.

  7. I dunno, I found it mildly amusing that a man shot himself while fighting a skunk. I also liked the one about the guy shooting himself while enjoying a cognac and watching a movie.

  8. I really love how this cause is important to him because of the three examples he gave of people who were killed in firearm accidents;

    His next speech should be to ban all automobiles. But maybe Mr Levitan has never known anyone that was killed in an automobile accident….hmm.

    Accidental firearm discharges are NOT a reason to do away with a Constitutional right, same as automobile accidents would not cause us to take away the right to drive for an entire population.

    Fucking morons.

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