Having Lost on “Keep” …

… the Brady Center is doing all it can not to lose on that whole “bear” part. Unfortunately, there’s language in Heller that could go either way, but at minimum, the Court strongly hinted that California would have to allow some form of carry, even if it’s open carry, of a gun that’s ready for self-defense (loaded, in other words).

3 Responses to “Having Lost on “Keep” …”

  1. Weer'd Beard says:

    I certainly agree that the legal path of least resistance is to have constitutionally protected open carry. That being said #1. Vermont, Alaska, and Montana, don’t seem to have any issues with permit-less concealed carry. Arizona is too soon to call, but I think we all know where the numbers will point. And I have no idea how many places like New Hampshire there are where the permit process is short, simple, and inexpensive, to the extent of people question its validity at all.

    Also how does one open carry (as in exercise their constitutional right) in a Northern State in the dead of winter? The cops around here have special overcoats with buttoned slits on the side so the belt-holster can be exposed, but the officer’s thigh is protected from the cold. Garments like that seem pretty excessive for the sake of a protected right….

  2. Kevin Baker says:

    Arizona is already a “Constitutional Carry” state – permitless concealed or open carry. The current law went into effect at the end of July, I believe. I’m not sure what Montana’s laws are.

  3. Weer'd Beard says:

    IIRC there are only a few towns in Montana that require permits for concealed carry.

    As for Arizona’s law, I was simply saying its a little too new to make any claims yet.

    Given that 99% of all carry permit holders are never asked to present their permit to confirm compliance with carry laws, and the places that don’t care about permits….or feel the need to have permits but don’t mandate training, I suspect AZ will see no significant change in events, except for people happy to exercise their rights without asking big daddy .gov for permission.