On the Ropes

Jacob takes a look at the sad state of the gun control movement. He points out they haven’t gotten any new gun control passed in New York in a decade. Thinking a bit, it’s really only been California and New Jersey they’ve been able to get anything done, and lawsuits are underway that will hopefully reverse even that in due course.

2 thoughts on “On the Ropes”

  1. Clearly, the ball is in our court.

    It’s time to press our issues.

    Locally… repeal the abuseable PA ‘Character Clause’ and reign in the oppresive Sheriffs and the Philly GPU who create imagined requirements for a PA LTCF. Force DA’s to actually prosecute anyone who abuse the rights of lawful gun owners.

    5301… Official Oppresion is an incredible feature of PA law but totally useless when it’s not enforced.

  2. The Bradities advance in California and New Jersey and we advance in the South, Midwest, West, North, East, New England, Plains States, Mid-South, Mountain West, inter alia.

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