Onorato’s Political Future

Capitol Ideas is reporting on what’s-his-name’s political future. Sounds like he’s mulling a run for Auditor General. I don’t think Onorato is an impressive fundraiser or campaigner. While this was a Republican year, I think Onorato would have struggled even if this election was in 2008. If I were advising him, I’d suggest County Executive was as high as he is meant to go in this game, and that a return to private law practice is probably the best path forward for him. My own political views aside, I’m not sure he has the talent to run for state wide office, absent being able to ride in on a much stronger candidate’s coattails. You can do that as Auditor General, but who is that much stronger candidate going to be?

One thought on “Onorato’s Political Future”

  1. There’s something unique about Dan Onorato (or whateer his name is).

    Frankly, if it were he, and not ‘Vince’ selling Sham-Wow… I think the manufacturer would have gone belly-up.

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