Richmond Times Dispatch Calls BS on Gun Control

I was happy to see, this Sunday, a takedown of the gun show nonsense our opponents have been relentlessly pushing. They followed up once more today with an article on the same topic:

There are four problems. First, the Bureau of Justice Statistics and the National Institute for Justice have found that only 1 or 2 percent of offenders obtained their weapons from gun shows. Second, the activity at issue — private, person-to-person firearms sales — is not limited to gun shows, so calling it a “gun-show” loophole is disingenuous.

The article then goes on, tying gun control to other freedom issues, and generally pointing to the insanity of prohibition. It’s good to see at least one main stream publication pushing a pro-freedom agenda.

4 thoughts on “Richmond Times Dispatch Calls BS on Gun Control”

  1. This is a lot bigger than you may realize.

    This newspaper has been pushing “gun control”, publishing lists of concealed carry permit holders, and generally agitating against the Second Amendment for a long time.

  2. Wow, good for them, this deserves some recognition – let’s give them the carrot instead of the stick, and push for more of the same – reward good behavior, it’s just Pavlovian. :-)

  3. mariner –

    When was that? I sure don’t remember them publishing lists of permit holders. Of course, if it happened more than ten years ago I probably wasn’t paying that close attention.

    And I do know that the TD has a long editorial history of being anti-gun control, so an editorial in favor of guns is hardly newsworthy. The reporting side of the house is a different story, including some of their feature columnists (Michael Paul Williams is a virulent hoplophobe, as well as being a race pimp and bigot).

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