Nice Felony

Someone posted this on Facebook, apparently. Hopefully he’s not friends with any ATF agents, and hopefully does not own a dog. Putting a fore grip on a pistol turns it into an AOW from a handgun. You can do it legally, but you have to register the gun as an AOW and pay the tax. Some speculation on that it was Airsoft. You can see from the nice big rifled barrel showing in the pic that it is not.

Hat Tip to Lucky Gunner.

UPDATE: Original Facebook page here. Dude would seem to be in the Army, but unless that pistol is government issue, it’s still a felony if it was done in the United States. Not sure about if it was done in Iraq or Afghanistan.

5 thoughts on “Nice Felony”

  1. How absurd is it that that the gun laws of the country are so confusing that law abiding citizens do stuff like this without even knowing it’s a felony. A casual gun owner or someone new into firearms could easily get themselves into trouble with something like the Beretta Neos and the Neo Carbine kit by putting the stock on first accidentally making an SBR and not even know it.

    The sad thing is I can’t see things getting any better for us, I can only see things getting worse. The Liberal view point to the above concern will surely be, “You’re right that can be confusing, clearly we can’t sell VFGs or Carbine conversion kits.”

  2. Looks like a handgun with a bipod to me. What’s the difference between that an a Ruger Charger 22 with a bipod? You can put a second hand on the bipod.

    These laws need to be challenged now.

  3. The stupid thing is, I have no idea how such a device is supposed to be more dangerous. That gun just looks rather awkward to me!

  4. The forward pistol grip makes it easier to shoot Revenue Agents coming to bust up your moonshine still, don’t you know.

    On one hand, our laws imply that handguns are “more dangerous” because they can be concealed.

    Yet we can import “more concealable” handguns that take 30 round magazines (MKE AT-94K), but we can’t import “less concealable” rifles (MKE AT-94A2 or any other semi-auto for that matter) that take magazines over 10 rounds any more.

    These laws have no more basis in reality. Like prohibition, they should have been repealed a long time ago.

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