So after much harassment from more than a few people, I’m doing the whole Facebook thing.  The fear of losing my job this week, and having to network again, was what prompted my conversion.  But I will admit, Facebook is fascinating, and also kind of creepy.  Consider this picture I found of my mother (upper far right side), who has been dead for 14 years, on the Facebook of someone I probably haven’t seen for 16 years.  Found someone else on Facebook I hadn’t talked to since high school, and is in the same industry as I am.

If you’re on Facebook, feel free to add me as a friend, though I am under my real name and not my pseudonym.  Most of you who are regular readers should probably have figured my real name out by this point.

8 thoughts on “Facebooking”

  1. In theory, Plaxo could render both obsolete, as it allows you to link some people as friends (who can see all the crazy stuff you’d put on Facebook) and others as professional contacts (who can only see the stuff you’d show on LinkedIn). But fewer people use it, so Facebook and LinkedIn remain in the lead.

  2. Linked-in (http://www.linkedin.com) is a popular site for professional / job social networking. The nice thing about Linked-in is it provides quite a few ways to find new career opportunities.


  3. I’ve been on there for a year or more, and I noticed the explosion really started right before she got on. I blame Robb if for no other reason than it’s fun to blame him.

  4. I’m on face book, but refuse to join linkdin or plaxo cause they send SOOO much spam out (yes, that’s what I consider sending an unsolicited email to me from a friends outlook address book – its no different than spam and in many ways worse (closer to a virus))

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