Tyler Cowen on Ron Paul

Not much going on with our normal blogging topic over the holidays, so I’ll pick on Ron Paul some more.  Tyler Cowen echos some of my feelings in regards to Congressman Paul:

Many libertarians see the Paul candidacy as their chance to have an impact and they may well be right.  There is also no one else for them to support.  But, raw milk or not, I am not myself tempted to take a stance this year in favor of any of the candidates, Paul included.  Liberty is lacking in the United States but I’d like to see it more closely bundled with reasonableness, moderation, and yes pragmatism; I am looking to advance on all fronts at the same time.  Call me fussy if you wish.

I fear that Ron Paul is so taken with his own ideas that he is unable to see how or when his views might ever be wrong; it is in that sense I consider him insufficiently intellectual.

I’m sure that’s going to make for some interesting comments over at Marginal Revolution.  Many will take the “insufficiently intellectual” as an accusation that Ron Paul is a stupid man, which I wouldn’t agree with.

One thought on “Tyler Cowen on Ron Paul”

  1. I’m suprised you haven’t been flooded with comments from crazed ron paul supporters because of this. I like alot of his ideas, but not his foreign policy. He seems to be a little too isolationist though his supporters would say otherwise. Maybe he could run as VP?

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