4 thoughts on “NSSF Backs Microstamping Study as Well”

  1. There is already plenty of evidence microstamping does not work as advertised. All this does is lend creditability to the antis pushing microstamping and it’s going to come back and bite us in the butt.

  2. Jacob, I tend to agree with you. It is already known that microstamping is useless. The only reason the antis push for it is because for them pushing up the cost of firearms is a feature, not a bug.

    I think that there is a risk that this study could indeed come back to haunt us, I sure hope not, but I believe that it just may…

  3. Jacob: I disagree.

    What I hear about all the state-level “studies” is that they all find, as we agree, that it’s useless.

    And then, because the State’s own study found it was useless, legislative efforts find no traction.

    A federal study should have the same effect at the federal level. Until it’s “studied” at that level, the anti-gun forces will simply keep repeating that “it hasn’t been studied [at the Federal level]!” or “it’s implemented here and here!” (in places that haven’t done the studies to prove it’s ineffective.

    Sometimes politics requires that we waste time and money proving that something we know is stupid, is stupid.

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