12 thoughts on “Just Like “Lost and Stolen””

  1. Yeah, it’s idiotic not to lock your car and it’s idiotic to heap additional punishment on those who have suffered from doing so. But, the police want to be seen as effective (even though there is only so much they can do). So they advocate punishing those who do things that help drive crime statistics up. People generally don’t like it when the police point to their stupid behavior as part of the reason a certain crime rate is so high.

  2. I agree with not criminalizing it. But, when the city council/mayor asks the police department why aren’t auto theft numbers going down, the department will tell them “because so many people are leaving their cars unlocked.” So, the people who see government as the answer to all problems say, “We will make leaving your car unlocked illegal! That will lower crime.” We’ve got to get people to stop looking at government as the answer for their problems.

  3. Of course they want to. It’s a way to make the victim a victim twice, once by having their car stolen (albeit rightfully so if it’s not locked), and again by having to pay a fine for it. Just another ridiculous way for the government to try and fill up the coffers…

  4. Jesus.

    And they refer to that nannyism as “being tough on crime.”

  5. Obviously this bill needs an amendment, to place strict liability on the car owner for any damages that arise out of improper use of the stolen goods. If somebody steals your car, sells the radio for liquor money, and slams your car into a school bus, of course you should be 100% liable. Should probably add an additional fee to car insurance, to create a worker’s compensation fund for injured car thieves.

  6. What BobH said. Of course, maybe there’s a positive side here. Maybe it will progress to: It will be illegal to NOT shoot someone who’s stealing your car or burgling your house.

    Well, I can dream, can’t I?

  7. My car doesn’t have air conditioning, and if I must park it in a sunny place in the summer it is intolerably hot inside the car for my entire subsequent journey.
    I have nothing of value inside may car, and a collar/key system that disables both starting and steering the car unless quite a bit of damage is done.

    Yes, I sometimes leave my windows open when I park.
    Yes, that makes my car easier to steal.
    The theft is still the fault of the car thief.

    If my insurance company has a problem with my actions, then that is between me and my insurance company.
    The theft is still the fault of the car thief.

    If the police have a problem, then they are blaming the (potential) victim. I think that is vile.

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