Election Day

It’s election day in Pennsylvania, which means I need to go vote, something I seldom enjoy doing.  On the ballot are county and township offices, as well as Supreme Court, and Superior Court seats.  I’ve decided to go Democrat at the township level, and you’ll see why later.  Guns are off the table because of preemption, no need to worry about that.

County wide, I’m going Republican, mostly to fight this “regionalism” concept I keep hearing out of Democrats.  Regionalism goes like this: The suburbs have been traditionally Republican and don’t often vote with the City of Philadelphia.  The suburbs are increasing trending Democrats, and will soon start to vote more in line with the City of Philadelphia.   Well, suburban Democrats, if that’s what you’re selling, I’m not buying it.  I mean, the city politicians are doing such a bang up job!  I want a my politicians to tell me “City politicians have turned Philadelphia into a sewer.  Why do we want to bring that to the suburbs?”   Of course, no one will say that, but screw it, I’m voting Republican to keep the county in Republican hands, so suburban Democrats don’t get any ideas.   Silly, I know, but I don’t know the county candidates from a hole in the ground otherwise.

For the court stuff, I’m just going with the NRA endorsements.  I don’t know anything else about these guys other than they have great families, and love kittens.  That’s all court candidates ever talk about anyway.  Plus, I’m still really mad about the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling the state police could keep a registry of firearms, even though there’s a state law that specifically forbids that.  If you’re willing to do that, what does it say about your respect for the law?

Either way, off I go to push buttons on our newfangled electronic voting fraud machines.   Fun fun!

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  1. they have great families, and love kittens

    That’s it, they don’t get my vote when I get up there! :)

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