Upper Darby Top Cop Wasting Money on Anti-Gun Crusade

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Upper Darby top cop Michael Chitwood likes theatrics, but isn’t a big fan of civilians owning guns. The Upper Darby Police Department is cleaning out its evidence room of guns, but rather than transferring them to an FFL to sell them to law-abiding citizens, he’s sending them all to the incinerator. Who knows what kind of historic pieces could be in there. This statement pretty much says it all:

“Our way of addressing the gun issue in America is to destroy them all,” said Michael Chitwood, township police superintendent.

That, friends, isn’t someone who is pro-gun control. Superintendent Chitwood is anti-gun. If there are any readers here from Upper Darby, I would organize a group of gun owners to flood the next Township Supervisor meeting and demand Chitwood be dismissed. Keep the pressure on. A lot of these local government bodies will fold like a cheap deck of cards even at minor pressure from constituents. At the very least you might be able to convince the Board to make him back off all the gun control crap. This isn’t Chicago or New York, and I’m certain there are still a fair number of gun owners in Delaware County. That message should be sent loud enough and clear enough that Chitwood and the Township Supervisors would rather oil the squeaky wheel than ignore it.

7 thoughts on “Upper Darby Top Cop Wasting Money on Anti-Gun Crusade”

  1. At the very least the residents of Upper Darby should ask why the Superintendent was allowed to throw away valuable resources.

  2. I’d let him destroy the guns only the market value of the weapons was deducted from his salary.
    And, doesn’t he realize that by destroying these guns he is increasing the demand for new weapons and thereby the profits of gun manufacturers.

  3. Wait, there’s an issue here. If these items are evidence in a pending or prosecuted crime, he will need a judge to sign off on the disposal of evidence. If these were confiscated guns and there was no prosecution than there’s a 4th amendment issue here and he’s destroying property that’s owned by someone else.

    This is a bigger story than you think. This is a much bigger issue and might end up getting criminal cases dismissed on appeal or the boro getting sued for the confiscation and destruction of property without due process.

    1. That’s the beauty of no questions asked gun buybacks, murderers can get cops to destroy evidence of the crime for them and get paid for it too.

  4. I used to live in Maine, where this bozo was the top cop of Portland for a while. He tried to pull the same crap up there as well. I guess he finally gave up trying to disarm Mainers, and has now returned to Pennsylvania to see how much he can trash the 2nd Amendment here too.

    Well, at least I don’t live in Upper Darby…..

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