Castle Doctrine Finally Overcomes Opposition

We’re not done yet, but Castle Doctrine has finally come through the House. The vote was earlier this evening, and involved lots of yelling, many threats, and even some cane waving. There was some of the most entertaining sausage making I’ve ever seen. I wished I had recorded it for future laughs.

The bill faced several hurdles, including an attempt to adjourn instead of actually holding a vote. The Philadelphia Democrats tried out-of-order motions to table the bill, even when the Speaker repeatedly announced the call for a vote on the actual bill.

At least one AP reporter “gets it” with this summary of what’s going on:

The vote to widen the “castle doctrine” so that it applies beyond homes and vehicles was 159-38, with dozens of Democrats voting with Republicans, the latest demonstration of how gun issues do not follow partisan political lines in the Pennsylvania Legislature.

It’s so refreshing knowing to see a reporter acknowledge that the important issues doesn’t break along party lines. The article also reports that a Senate Republican source says the Senate will, in fact, take up the bill next week. Gov. Rendell still won’t say whether he will veto or sign.

5 Responses to “Castle Doctrine Finally Overcomes Opposition”

  1. Carl from Chicago says:

    So in the house, that’s about 80% in favor. Let’s hypothetically say that it is also passed by the Senate, but is vetoed by Rendell.

    Is there time enough for a veto over-ride?

  2. Adam Z says:

    “Blood in the streets”…”Blood in the streets”!!! Once again, the Leftist and Anti-2nd Amendment Philadelphia Daily News is bashing the passage of the Castle Doctrine in the PA House…
    Check out the recently posted article and the “bemoaning” of no Florida “loophole” legislation…which is not correctly and completely described in the article. It fails to mention that FL permit seekers need to pass a safety course and pay more for the permit than PA residents do. I wish the Philly Daily News did go bankrupt…and not be a stain upon the city…

  3. Carl from Chicago says:

    Good. Let them bash. The Inquirer rhetoric is overblown to all but the most die-hard gun controller. They seem to be merely whining. Little harm done in that.

  4. Shawn says:

    OK, it got through the house. I have kinda lost track with the goings of of this bill. Whatever happened with all those anti-gun ammendments?

    • Bitter says:

      Rep. Smith pulled out procedural motions on the anti-gunners and kept them from coming up for a vote. It came out of the House as a clean bill. Now, it just needs to come out of the Senate as a clean bill. Any amendments there kill the bill since they can’t be agreed to in the House. (They aren’t in session long.)


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