Maybe She Should Have Shared

The kind of story Capitol Ideas is reporting, that a high ranking member of Dan Onorato’s Campaign staff was arrested for growing 28 marijuana plants in her home, probably shouldn’t hurt his campaign as much as it will. That many plants can’t be for personal consumption, unless she smokes a lot of weed. On top of that, what caused the discovery was the twelve ounces of ganja postal inspectors found being shipped to her home. Apparently 28 pot plants generates quite an odor.

I’m not a huge fan of our current drug policies, so to me her big sin, given the state of Onorato’s campaign, and how poorly he’s polling, is that she didn’t share with the rest of the campaign staff.

3 thoughts on “Maybe She Should Have Shared”

  1. Who said that she DIDN’T share?

    Twenty-eight plants PLUS extra deliveries sounds like a small scale supplier to me – and don’t the small time dealers usually sell to co-workers, family, and friends?

  2. Pot is fine. Some states have already decriminalized it. It is like our gun laws, in that it differs State to State.
    I won’t smoke it becuase it is still illegal, but if they ever legalize it? I’d be growin my own, too!

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