Looks Like Corbett Gets His Endorsement

It’s hardly a surprise that NRA is planning events to announce the endorsement of Tom Corbett for Governor. Normally Bitter would have attended and reported, but we haven’t gotten around to getting her car inspected yet. Onorato is trying to make gun control an issue in the campaign, and he’s on the wrong side. It’s really important that gun owners punish the Democrats for this. I’m convinced Rendell has the state party convinced NRA is a paper tiger in Pennsylvania. This is the election we show them that’s not the case.

One thought on “Looks Like Corbett Gets His Endorsement”

  1. Sorry I’m a Wisconsin native and every time I see “Tom Corbett for Gov.” I read “Tom Barrett for Gov.”

    Thinking that the NRA was endorsing Tom Barrett just made my blood pressure skyrocket.

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