Clearly Not Happy

The Brady Campaign’s press release suggests they are bummed about last night’s primary results. Losing Castle is a pretty big loss for them. They call him a moderate, but he was willing to lead on the issues that were important to them. From a Second Amendment perspective, I couldn’t be more thrilled about last night. From the perspective of someone who doesn’t like Republicans who rail against the evils of pornography, masturbation and evolution, I’m less thrilled. But I dislike bearded marxists more, so here’s looking toward November.

9 thoughts on “Clearly Not Happy”

  1. Thanks!

    Reading that press release was quite a pleasing endeavor.

  2. Well, I agree.

    And whereas masturbation and pornography are individual lifestyle choices (that often hinge on a person’s “morality”), evolution is simply a fact of life. One can decide whether to masturbate or whether to engage in pornography, but one cannot decide whether life evolves or not.

  3. Except the Tea Party platform was supposed to be limited government, and no social issues.

    It’s academic anyway because Christine will lose.

  4. “It’s academic anyway because Christine will lose.”

    Unless she wins. If she’s going against a bearded Marxist, it’s a question of which candidate will out-weird the other…

  5. LOL. Based on this mornings video’s about Satanic witchcraft, Christine has a headstart on the outweirding!

  6. I don’t care if she dislikes “self love,” porno, or Darwin’s theory. I haven’t seen any proposed legislation outlawing spankage or porno, or teaching or discussing evolution.

    I hate baseball with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns, but I don’t think it should be outlawed.

    Is Ms O’ advocating the federal government outlaw the porno or its associated one handed behavior?

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