Earning the Brady Love

Apparently Obama can find some room to praise Texas Christian University’s shooting team, and mentions he shoots with the Secret Service (color me skeptical on that one). Either way, this likely is an indication he still does not want a fight. After the EPA incident, he’s looking to back away from the issue visibly, and calm nerves.

That’s not to say I’d trust the guy. He’s still going to nominate anti-gun Supreme Court justices, and for that reason he has to go, but he’s definitely no Bill Clinton. At least not yet.

7 thoughts on “Earning the Brady Love”

  1. He shoots with the Secret Service?


    That must indicate that his highest priorities going forward will be the repeal of NFA ’34 and GCA ’68.

  2. Eleanor Roosevelt was really good with a pistol, and she shot with the Secret Service. Maybe he’s “channelling”?

    I was not aware the Secret Service practiced with .22 LR’s or air rifles. The budget cuts must be getting close to home.

  3. Well … just suppose Obama said to himself “I just don’t understand these bitter clingers” (yeah, I know) or for whatever reason told his Secret Service guards “I’ve never fired a gun before. Let’s fix that”.

    It’s not hard to imagine someone lending him a suitable .22 LR and doing the basic new shooter thing at one of their ranges.

    Obama lies, a *lot*, but this is at least vaguely plausible.

  4. What’s surprising is that it’s taking so long for the White House PR folks to try to spin this as a “he didn’t actually say what he said” sort of thing.

  5. I’m going to ask you to recall that during his time as an Illinois State Senator Mr. Obama told Illinois State Rifle Association EVP Richard Pearson to his face that he believed that no citizen ought to be allowed to possess any firearms whatsoever.
    Mr. Obama is far more anti-gun that Mr. Clinton, and I’d suggest that much of Mr. Clinton’s anti-gun agenda was actually promulgated by Mrs. Clinton, a Chicagoan (actually close-in Park Ridge) in the mold of the extremely anti-gun Joyce Foundation… which, after all, was headed by community activist Barack Obama during his grooming days.
    See the Chicago connection first.

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